Welcome to the
age of ambiguity.

Join us for a few days in September to discuss, collaborate, and
create ways to navigate the ambiguity we live in.


For the last 12 years, the Stanford has leveraged interdisciplinarity to tackle urgent societal problems through our design courses, programs, and projects.

This fall, we’re convening a small group of individuals who inspire us (like you!) to work through one of the most broadly relevant topics of our present moment: Navigating Ambiguity. We’d like you to join. Yes, we all know ambiguity exists, but how does it manifest on personal, project, and societal levels? What possibilities exist? Can we design for it? Around it? Through it? Do we want to?

The assumptions we've held for decades—in climate, in politics, in media—are all in question these days. Now's the time to accept it, and now is the time to do something about it. The Ambiguity is a moment and a place to soak in the unknown, and investigate the possible. This is an invitation to gather and navigate... the Ambiguity.

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what is... 

the ambiguity?


If you, an ethicist, a climate scientist, and a designer spent a week floating together on a raft in the ocean, what would you create? What would you discuss? What would you learn?

If you, a hip-hop artist, an essayist, and a crypto-currency fund manager spent a week above the Arctic Circle, what would you make? What would you argue about? What would you share?

If bringing yourself and your toolset together with others that are very different from you to explore the topic of ambiguity excites you (or terrifies you), please accept our invitation.

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The Ambiguity 2018

September 4 - September 6, 2018

Stanford, CA


Please accept our invitation to join a radical group of people for two days
to explore the topic of our time: Ambiguity.